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Closing Shop – April 2019

We have some good and some bad news that we want to share with all of you.
The good news is that Gauge Film now offers a better deal than we can for processing neg!! Please check their website for more information. Also, James Holcombe, who many of you know from nowhere lab, is offering hand processing for ‘colour reversal and b/w neg / reversal 8mm and 16mm. He also has a new scanner for digitising. Also check out Not Nowhere for equipment hire and courses. Other, even more complete services can be found abroad:In Amsterdam: Toronto:
The bad news is that this means that we will stop our regular processing service. The demand has slowed down significantly due to the available alternatives. We will keep offering teaching days/workshops, or processing and printing work, as a bespoke service. You will be able to contact us via the film in process email address or our personal email addresses.
Our goal is to support independent and experimental filmmakers; creativity is what drives us, not business.
We also want to share with you some other sad news, the ORWO representative for the UK, Tom Samuels, passed away in March. Besides him being a wonderful, kind and supportive person this also means that we have to start importing print stock from Germany directly, which might result in higher prices and longer delivery times.
To conclude, we are thrilled to see that there is still so much going on in analog filmmaking. Keep making those beautiful films! We are looking forward to stay in touch and hear from all of you.
best wishes, Bea and Karel

The Magazine – April 2018


The Magazine

No! Not another newsletter! Apologies if you received this in error. We do often hear people saying that we should let them know about workshops, 16mm film screenings and expanded cinema performances. When you decide to keep subscribed we will send you updates every two months. We will also include news about the lab. Do send us suggestions!


The films Drag by Bea Haut and Atlas by Laura Hindmarsh are included in the Alchemy Film and Moving Image festival taking place from 3-7 May 2018 in Hawick. Bea Haut will talk about her work at the artists’ filmmaking symposium during the festival. In addition, Laura Hindmarsh will be part of Flatpack Festival, working on a new artist development commission.

During a new edition of Sound is Sound is Sound on the 21st of April several films of Karel Doing will be shown. His work will also be part of Loco, Local, Lo-fi on the 1st of May and his recent film Wilderness Series will be included in a programme by Analogue Ensemble screening at the Whitstable Biennale. This film also screens today in Mankato at the Speechless Film Festival.

Drag. Bea Haut

‘Drag’ by Bea Haut

©2018 Film in Process | University Way, London

Film Projection Charter is an initiative conceived around the concrete commitment represented by the Charter of Cinematographic Projection in the 21st Century, uniting those who care about photochemical film projection.

Filmmakers, artists, producers, archivists, distributors, programmers or members of the audience, whether involved in the festival network, the archival world, contemporary art, independent venues, or all kinds of film-making, from the movie industry to the underground, we assert the importance of building a future for photochemical film projection and intend to share resources toward that goal.


Contact – Festival of Experimental Film and Video

A festival of experimental film and video showing the work of over 70 artists/ filmmakers, featuring single-screen films, multi-screen/performance-related works and site-specific installations. The Contact festival is programmed by Andrew Vallance and Simon Payne.

6th – 8th May 2016

Advance tickets are available via Eventbrite

Prices: Friday – £5; Saturday – £8; Sunday – £8 (plus booking fee). Concessions available.

A limited number of tickets will also be available on the day from the venue.

Analogue Recurring – Call for Submissions

Analogue Recurring  –   Friday 10th June 2016


Analogue Recurring is an experimental 16mm screening event, which illuminates the mechanical processes and materiality inherent in analogue film. Embracing a DIY ethos the event celebrates contemporary celluloid film in the digital age; a field continuously redefining it’s self as durational and durable.

Submissions deadline – friday 22nd April.

  Please send a details of film with a .mov file or link to
Please include year, length, sound, synopsis and brief statement about the artist/filmmaker.

Produced by Bea Haut
Technically Upholstered by David Leister

Hosted by Lo & Behold
With Thanks to Lucy Harris

Lo & Behold
2b Swanfield Street, Shoreditch, London, E2 7DS



Artist-Run Film Labs


Artist-run film labs implement an original way of using production tools, through their collective organizations, for filmmakers and artists currently working with celluloid film.

They act as an experimental ground for cinema (beyond any genre) at a time when the industry is gradually getting rid of film and, with that, the means to process and print.

This website gives an overview of the organizations that have emerged in Europe, America and Asia.  It serves as a portal for sharing information about labs and is also a place for debating aesthetic, political and technical questions raised by this on-going endeavor.

Ready to Roll

rollersWe have refurbished the Debrie/Lawley processor. We removed and cleaned the 200 plus rollers, oiled the turning rods and dredged the silver out of the bottom of the developing tank. Also removing all the unwanted objects found there. The tanks are now filled with fresh chemistry; having run a number of scratch tests with good final results, we are now ready for your films.
We are really looking forward to seeing all your brilliant work hot off the press.

Many thanks to David Leister for his support and expertise.