Closing Shop – April 2019

We have some good and some bad news that we want to share with all of you.
The good news is that Gauge Film now offers a better deal than we can for processing neg!! Please check their website for more information. Also, James Holcombe, who many of you know from nowhere lab, is offering hand processing for ‘colour reversal and b/w neg / reversal 8mm and 16mm. He also has a new scanner for digitising. Also check out Not Nowhere for equipment hire and courses. Other, even more complete services can be found abroad:In Amsterdam: Toronto:
The bad news is that this means that we will stop our regular processing service. The demand has slowed down significantly due to the available alternatives. We will keep offering teaching days/workshops, or processing and printing work, as a bespoke service. You will be able to contact us via the film in process email address or our personal email addresses.
Our goal is to support independent and experimental filmmakers; creativity is what drives us, not business.
We also want to share with you some other sad news, the ORWO representative for the UK, Tom Samuels, passed away in March. Besides him being a wonderful, kind and supportive person this also means that we have to start importing print stock from Germany directly, which might result in higher prices and longer delivery times.
To conclude, we are thrilled to see that there is still so much going on in analog filmmaking. Keep making those beautiful films! We are looking forward to stay in touch and hear from all of you.
best wishes, Bea and Karel